We offer fresh - frozen and smoked fish of the highest quality, both white fish and salmon.



The highest quality of our fish is proven not only by certificates. Every single piece that gets to a client is truly excellent.



Perfect processing, meticulous packing, safe packaging and quick transport – we meet the strictest requirements from our Clients.


I am proud of the fact that any one of our fish may end up on my beloved great-granddaughters’ table as a perfect, nutritious dish.

Jerzy SafaderChairman of the Board, founder


of the highest quality


Baltic and Atlantic

Wild fish

from the purest waters

Our own products

very tasty

Really good fish

Quality, taste and safety

Our services

Stanpol offers fish processing services of the highest quality. We concentrate mainly on products dedicated and branded specifically for individual clients’ orders. Fish processing is performed on a modern production line offering a number of possibilities depending on the client’s needs.

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The Brand

30 years of experience, a family-owned business, reliability, stability, long term relations with suppliers and customers.

Modern machines

Since the very beginning we have always invested in our machines and equipment, which continuously expands our production possibilities.

Flexible production  

We offer comprehensive services both for short production series and for serial production.

Sanitary standards

We guarantee cleanliness, hygiene and sanitary standards that meet the strictest requirements in this scope.

Experienced personnel

Our staff is the asset that guarantees the highest level of our services, which can be confirmed by numerous recommendations.

Our own transport

Our products are stored and transported in ideal cooling conditions.



we always act in an honest and transparent way, we keep promises and fulfil our commitments, we feel personally responsible and only accept the highest quality



in building our relations we focus on honest communication and mutual respect, we are happy to share our knowledge and build long-term relations with our clients and suppliers



we are honest and open in our communication with others, we treat everyone in a just way, treat new ideas and beliefs with respect and take responsibility for our actions



we seek creative solutions and we are open to change, we like to surprise our clients in positive ways; we act quickly and creatively while keeping the highest quality and safety

Values we stand by

STANPOL Sp. z o.o. is a 100% family-owned Polish company dealing with processing and exporting fish. 30-years’ experience in this field, extensive knowledge of the market, high quality standards and continuous technological improvements ensure the perfect quality of our products and services. The values we stand by are honesty, cooperation, respect and creativity.

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