STANPOL Sp. z o.o. is a 100% family-owned Polish company dealing with processing and exporting fish. The values we stand by are honesty, cooperation, respect and creativity.

Stanpol is a family-owned company

which has been present on the Polish market since 1990. Three generations of the Safader family work here. Jerzy – the Chairman – is the founder of the company.  His daughter Marzena has been gaining experience for 21 years, starting as a trading specialist and now holding the position of the deputy chairperson. Jerzy’s granddaughter, Karolina, has also been working for the company for a few years now as the manager of the company’s trading department. Stanpol is a company built on strong principles and with a long-term vision. It has always been Jerzy’s dream to build a company with an organisational culture unique for family-owned companies, which in STANPOL was based on values such as honesty, cooperation, respect and creativity. We simply know that honest and open relations are the solid base that makes it easier for the company to operate as it unifies all the staff making us exceptional. People are important to us because it is only thanks to them that the company can develop.

The main aim of STANPOL is to produce healthy food and to provide services that meet the clients’ expectations.  30-years’ experience in this field, extensive knowledge of the market, high quality standards and continuous technological improvements ensure the perfect quality of our products and services. We owe our success to the professional approach and expert knowledge of our team supported by their continuous training and extensive professional experience.

One of the key assets of our company is flexibility and individual approach to each client and then adjusting the chain of supplies to the client’s needs. We have implemented the HACCP system for quality and food safety management. Production is carried out in compliance with the technological and quality standards of the European Union. Production is carried out in compliance with the following implemented certificates: IFS, BRC, FDA, Organic, ASC, MSC, Global Gap, Koszer.

Our goods are sold mainly to the European Union markets. We use meticulously selected raw materials originating from certified suppliers and they are subject to strict inspections at every stage of production. One of the many important events in the history of Stanpol is definitely the modernisation of the technological equipment co-financed by the European Union, which has made it possible for us to use modern production technology and enjoy the status of a modern, environmentally friendly company. We own our own refrigerated transport and therefore we can be sure that our products are transported in ideal cooling conditions. Our vehicles comply with the Euro 6 European standard of exhaust emissions.

30 years of experience makes us proud that the choice of the aim and direction of the company’s development turned out to be right and the vision and mission have become values that are the central point of our staff’s activities.