We offer services of the highest quality to meet our Clients’ expectations, supporting them with our many years’ experience at every stage of the production process.

Stanpol offers fish processing services of the highest quality. We mainly focus on products dedicated and branded to individual Customers’ orders.

We offer comprehensive services, from filleting to packing: filleting, trimming, portioning, co-packing and packing.

We also provide smoking services.  Production is carried out in two plants, of which one is dedicated to white fish processing and the other – to salmonids.

The brand

We are a family company. The fact that there are three generations working in the company that has been being built for 30 years gives us an advantage over the competition and brings us closer to our Clients and Employees. Our stability, reliability as well as vision and long-term aims result in loyalty and long-term cooperation.


Here, in Stanpol, we put a lot of effort into understanding our Client’s expectations and we adjust to their individual needs. We offer solutions both for short production series and for serial production. We provide our services based on the specification of requirements delivered by our Clients, supporting them with our knowledge and many years’ experience at every stage of production. Our big asset is the comprehensive range of services we can provide.


Since the very beginning we have been investing in infrastructure consisting of machines and equipment for filleting, trimming and portioning made by Marel and Baader as well as Traysealer Reepack machines for packing on trays in protective atmosphere (MAP) and Multivac roll packing machines.


Our products are stored and transported in ideal cooling conditions. Both fresh and frozen products are delivered directly to our Clients using our own refrigerated transport. Our knowledge of the market and many years’ experience means that we can offer competitive rates and efficient transport services.


Stanpol staff are specialists who not only have many years’ experience but also the necessary high qualifications. Our employees are the assets that guarantee the highest level of service that we provide, which is proved by many recommendations and long-term relations with our clients.


In Stanpol we put a lot of effort and resources into providing the highest quality standards of cleanliness and sanitary conditions of our facilities and equipment. This is why we can meet the strictest requirements in this scope.